Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The First Time, Ever I Saw Your Face

As I remember our adoption 5 years ago, I have been looking through pictures.  These photos are the glimpses we had of Isaiah and Laila before we met them.  When I look at these pics, I see furrowed brows, bloated bellies, and 2 little ones waiting to be in a family.  It is hard to believe that these are the same kids that have been in our family for 5 years.  Some of the pics are a bit blurry.  Sorry about that.

 Laila after her check up as they got her ready for adoption
 Ms. Maureen loved her so well!

 Based on the size that she was when we got her, I think she spent a lot of time eating in this chair!!

 Sad little face

There's that smile we all know and love
 Isaiah at his doctor check up

 He doesn't like being pricked
 Look at his little belly.  So heartbreaking!!

 The really beautiful part to me is that the story doesn't end there!!  I will share pics of while we were in Africa completing the adoption and our homecoming next!!

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