Thursday, April 17, 2014

African Days

I know I am backtracking a bit, but on the anniversary of our arrival home, I wanted to post those pics from 5 years ago.  Now, I want to go back and show the pictures from our first days together, those days in Africa.  Rick went a week ahead of the team to Swaziland to hopefully get some things moving with the adoption.  It didn't end up being much help to the process, but it did allow him several days to go to the Halfway House where Isaiah and Laila were and spend time getting to know them and their environment.  
A very special moment  Isaiah and Rick meeting for the first time.  
Someone is not impressed!
He spent many hours playing with them over those next few days
She just doesn't even know what to do with a Daddy!
 The day I met Isaiah and Laila was so special.  
 This little guy was a love bug from the beginning
 Hanging out together

 She just crawled up into my lap, laid her head down, and fell asleep.  From that point on, we were bonded.  It was almost like she was saying, "Okay, you're my mom!  Let's do this!"

Isaiah's Passport At Last!!  That was our Miracle Day!

Those days were special, trying, emotional, exhausting, and unforgettable.  We were all trying to figure each other out. Isaiah knew only Siswati and he was very verbal.  Isaiah and Laila were very patient with us.  There were moments of extreme joy, fear and worry, and utter excitement.

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