Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nanny McPhee Has Left The Building

Laila is losing her teeth really early, according to her dentist.  Her front two teeth started getting loose a few weeks ago. The first one came out quickly and easily.  The other one, not so much.  For the last couple of weeks, she has had this tooth hanging and sticking out in front!  It has been driving me crazy.  I just wanted to yank it out, but she was scared.  Rick is better at pulling teeth than me.  I am still traumatized from losing my own teeth as a kid.  
We have joked that she looks like Nanny McPhee with her tooth sticking out.
 I was insistent that it be pulled before Easter.  I just did not want that thing stealing the show in our Easter pics!  The day before, Rick pulled it right out.  We were all so happy!
 I mentioned that Easter weekend was hair prep time.  I obviously did not think that through clearly.
Ready to take out braids and "Let it Fro."  (This is pre-tooth removal)
 I really thought that hair prep and braiding would get easier as she got older. That has not been the case.  She cries and gets mad at me.  I try to explain to her that it is easier to do it all at once and have a break than to have to do it every day with a fro.  She just hates the process.  
Getting her hair braided. 
 I call this picture, "Tears in my Popcorn"
 Marjorie does such a good job and is so patient.
 Once she is finished we both breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we have 2 months before we have to do it again!
This chick reminds me a lot of Lauren at her age.  She is really sweet, gentle and affectionate.  She has been pretty easy behaviorally up to this point.   But, she has hit a "getting into everything" kind of stage.  Lauren did the same thing.  Just when I thought we had skipped over those behaviors, they showed up around 5-6 years old.  In my other kids, they showed up around ages 2-3 years old.  Not these two girls.  I keep finding little messes all around the house.  She will write on things she shouldn't.  She is getting into things like lip balm, nail polish, etc.  When I went to tuck her in the other night, she smelled like sunscreen!  She decided she needed some that day.  Those kinds of things exhaust me, especially when I feel like we should be past that stage.  I know it will pass, but I feel like I have to keep my eyes on her ALL. THE. TIME! I am ready to move on!  

I love that I am getting a lot of one-on-one time with her.  She definitely is getting more than the other kids did.  She is doing 2 years of Kindergarten because of the cutoff date at the charter school the other kids attend.  So, that means we get half days together again next school year.  A couple of weeks ago, we spent our afternoon at Mr. John and Mrs. Sue's house.  We LOVE going there.  They always make us feel special, AND they have CHICKENS!!
Laila absolutely loves feeding chickens.  
 Mrs. Sue saved the feeding and egg collecting for when we arrived. 

 Holding babies
 Collecting Eggs (Nanny McPhee phase)

 A Happy Little Farmer Girl
 We even got to make homemade peanut butter
Thanks, Mrs. Sue for hosting us.  We had a great time!!

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