Sunday, March 30, 2014

Days of Our Lives

The days are passing.  When I go into my iPhoto, I realize there are lots of pics and events that I haven't shared.  I think they can tend to get overlooked in the shuffle of life, but they are things I want to remember and be able to look back to someday.  They also get overshadowed by the Big Events of our lives.  Without further ado:
Isaiah's class had Colonial Day
These dress-up curriculum days are absolutely perfect for this boy.
He has no trouble staying in character
Spring Soccer has started.  Lauren got new cleats although she didn't want to be in the picture
Cody played Freshman Basketball at school this year.  
I have no pics of him playing because the gyms were not very conducive to good pictures.  They all either turned out blurry or dark.  I do think that some other parents took pics, but I haven't gotten access to those yet.  
His team.  They had a good season with about an equal amount of wins and losses
High School Sports are no joke.  This pretty much consumed our lives from November - February.  He literally had a game or practice every day except Sundays, even during breaks.  It was brutal!  He really enjoyed it, though, and I am glad he got the opportunity.
In this pic, he and Rick had stopped to eat on the way home after an away game
This is how our spring break started
Not my idea of spring, but after almost 14 years, I have given up on having a real spring in Colorado.  Any nice days we have are just a cruel joke as snow is always around the corner.  March and April are our biggest snow months!
Laila cracked me up the other day when she explained to me that this little seam on her blanket is named, "comb" and she likes to scratch it with her fingers.  Not sure how she started doing this, but I had to remember it.
Ms. Julie gave the boys Harlem Globetrotter tickets for Christmas. 
Here they are ready to go!
In their seats, ready for the show!
Their view
 According to Rick, Isaiah talked the whole time, he was so excited.  He and Sam talked me through the whole thing when they got home.  They definitely enjoyed it.  Thanks, Ms. Julie!
Cody decided to cut his hair a couple of weeks ago:
 I like it!

We spent several days of our spring break last week at the cabin of some friends.  I will share about our time there next!

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