Friday, April 11, 2014

Tales of our teeth

The dreaded day arrived.  It was time for Lauren to get her braces.  She proclaimed beforehand that she would not be smiling for any pictures for the next 2 years until they were removed.  
I got one last smile from her as a BEFORE pic:
 I got some great pics of the process which she quickly told me I was not allowed to post.  
I convinced her to let me at least get an AFTER pic to text to her dad.  After all, he did pay for these braces.  He should have a pic.  I eventually convinced her to let me share it on here.  
So, here she is:
 I think she looks great, and I think she is relieved that it is not as bad as she thought it might be.  She was sore for about a week and dealing with the newness of figuring out how to eat with all this stuff in the way.

Laila has had her own tooth drama going on.  This chick has lost 3 of her front teeth in the last couple of weeks.  Even though she is supposed to be about 8 when she loses those front two teeth, they are on their own time schedule.  Isaiah lost his early, too!  Now, we are left with one tooth dangling in the front.  It is not the most attractive sight to behold.  We are praying it lets go soon!
Here is my silly girl with her silly tooth:
 I have bribed her in many ways to convince her to let us pull this one out.  I don't see how it can hold on much longer.  Pretty soon she will enter the adorableness that comes along with missing those two front teeth.  She lost them so early, we are just praying there will be enough room for the new ones to come in without creating a ton of crowding.

Isaiah's and Laila's baby teeth were so straight and pretty.  We thought we might have escaped the orthodontics route for them.  These big teeth coming in are proving to not be nearly as cooperative.

We are destined to pay for braces for 6 children!!

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