Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Working on it

I am working on a post from Mother's Day.  Right now, I am waiting on some pics from Rick's phone (hint!  hint!)  I just couldn't wait to write a post so, here you go:

~Rick and I went to a wedding on Sat.  It was really beautiful.  The thing I loved the most about it was how worshipful it was.  There were 6 worship songs, and they made for such a great experience for the whole crowd.  We also saw lots of people that we haven't seen in a while.  That was fun, too!  I would love to have another wedding, to Rick of course.  I would do it so differently now.  Congratulations Josh and Hava!!  I can't think of a better way for you start your marriage!!

~On Saturday night, our whole family went to a "Team Huddle" at church.  This was a crazy, action-packed evening with food, prizes, and some fun to rally everyone together and hear the what God is doing and where He is leading for the future.  These kinds of things are really good for us as we try to connect and get involved.  I would say we are still in major transitional stage.  Each week is getting better and the kids are slowly finding their places and connections.

~Yesterday, was our last MOPs meeting for the school year.  I am sure some of you will be relieved to know that I got my eyebrows waxed at our spa day.  I feel so much better now.  You no longer have to worry about being attacked by my eyebrows if you get too close. I love MOPs and am going to miss it so much.  I see it as an opportunity to connect, get a break, and minister to young moms.  I am the old fogey of the group and the joke is that I will keep getting more kids just so I don't have to graduate out!!  Thanks, Melissa for a great MOPs year.

~We are so close to being done with school.  That both excites and frightens me all at the same time!!  I have to figure out how to manage 6 children all day every day for the whole summer.  That feels a bit overwhelming right now.  This is why I must have a plan!!

~I have injured my knee.  I have no idea what happened.  I cannot pinpoint an injury.  I just know that it is swollen and hurts a lot.  I am icing it, using it, and taking ibuprofen, but it is not getting better.  Yippee, old age is setting in full force!!

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  1. I don't know if they offer it in your area, but I sign our kids up at Each child gets to bowl 2 games a day for free. This year, I even think I'm going to buy them each bowling shoes, so I don't have to rent those either. I'm hoping this will give us something fun to do.