Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day Discoveries

I have decided I have a love/hate relationship with  Mother's Day.  I love the idea of it.  I believe in celebrating this calling of motherhood that God has placed on my life.  I always approach it with expectations that I don't even realize are there.  I have been thinking about this ALOT this week.  I was so frustrated on Mother's Day, but as I look back, with a different perspective, I realize it wasn't a bad day.  My family did a lot of nice things for me, things that spoke my love languages.  

In talking to a friend this week, I think I figured out where my issues are.  First of all, my kids are young.  There is only so much they are going to do to make Mother's Day special on their own.  They are selfish little human beings that don't think through the ramifications of their actions.  On top of that, I entered Mother's Day wanting everything to be perfect, including my children.  I think, "Can't I just have this one day out of the year?"  If my kids fight, I go to this place mentally where I say, "I am such a failure.  They can't even treat each other well for one day.  Don't they love me enough to just give me a break?  Have I taught them NOTHING for the last 14 years of my life?"  Every disobedience, every item of clutter left around our house, every selfish act is seen by me as a personal attack on my calling as a mother.  REALLY?!?!  On no other day do I take these actions so personally.  Why do I have to place so much of my value on one day out of the year?  Does anyone else out there do this? 
The below picture was taken at our lunch.  This flower was given to me by the restaurant.  It was broken and wilted when they gave it to me.  That was pretty much how I felt at that moment.  
Looking back now at my day, I can say my view was really skewed.  I have made a decision.  I think we should change "Mother's Day" to "Mother's Day Out."  You see when I get a break, I can think more clearly.  When I get a break, I see my kids more realistically.  It sounds a bit ironic to say that I would like to spend Mother's Day away from my kids, but in actuality, I think that is what I need the most, at least in these years with young children.  It gives me a chance to relax, unwind, and even feel valued.  In those moments, I can look at my life as a mom with affection and sentimentality.  I can see my kids for who they are, little individuals with their own little personalities, strengths and weaknesses.  I do think this will change as they get older.  They will mature and grow and so will I.  For now, I have decided that "Mother's Day Out" is the way to go.  As moms, we should unite and spend a day celebrating our calling as moms, encouraging each other, doing something fun, and of course, eating some really yummy food!!  I went on my iphone for the week approaching Mother's Day next year and typed in a little note to myself every day of that week leading up to Mother's Day.  It says, "Do not have any expectations for Mother's Day.  Plan to get away in some way!"  Next year, I want to do this day better.  I want my heart to be more centered and loving.  I want to feel the true emotions that are really there, but get so messed up by my emotions of the day.  

I would like to share a few pics from my Mother's Day.  As I said, it was a good day full of sacrifices made by Rick and my kids.  
On Friday, Lauren's class hosted a Mother's Day Tea
This was the placemat Lauren made for me
It has the verse Philippians 1:15 on it, "I thank God every time I remember you."
My precious girl served me and made a beautiful card, wrote a beautiful poem for me and did words to describe me with the letters of my name. 
My favorite thing she said about me is that I love to dance!
Sunday morning at church
They even agreed to coordinating outfits.  That is love for sure!
Out to lunch at On the Border
I just love this picture
After lunch, I got to take nap!  After nap time(as you can tell by my appearance), they showered me with gifts.  I got chocolate, homemade cards, Lauren made me a necklace, and this chair to sit outside in the sun and read a book on sunny days.  
Notice in this picture, Sam is upset about something and Lauren decided it would be really funny to do her creepy kid face.  Yes, those are my children, and I love them!

I am thankful for my Mother's Day discoveries.  I am such a blessed woman.  I really want to become the kind of person that focus on the blessings of my life so much more than the frustrations!!

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  1. It certainly is a lot to think about. And not to have a pity party here, but my mom's day was perfect in that we were all together...period. That sums up my mother's day. I was happy for that, thrilled, given our circumstances, however I was hoping for a card at least. Just being real. I wrote about my day before my started. :)