Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grow, Already!

Saturday was planting day around here.  We all loaded up and headed to the store to get flowers, seeds, and garden soil and plants.  It was a very exciting trip.  We were quite the spectacle the whole time.  I have gotten used to being watched and laughed at.  Really, I have!
Sam, Lauren, and Abby did some flower planting in front of the house.  
Isaiah and Laila lost interest after about 1 minute. 
I lost interest before we started.  
 Next up, Abby's garden.  This girl is passionate about all things gardening.  She even has a summer job lined up to get some experience, earn a little cash, and help out an older friend of ours.
Abby's garden bed
 This girl has the motivation to garden.  
This summer we get to see if she has a green thumb!
 The plants waiting to be planted.
We, I mean they,  planted tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini, cilantro, and we are going to add squash this week.
 In process
 She loved every minute of it!
 I am hoping for some veggies, even just one of each, please.
Gardening is an expensive endeavor.  I am pretty sure that with the money we spent to set this whole thing up, I could have gotten a lot of our summer produce at the Farmer's Market.  Oh, well, it has to be about the experience and learning opportunity it provides at this point.  Investing in the future!

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