Monday, May 21, 2012

Rockin' Out Roman Day

On Friday, Abby's class had Roman Day.  I have to say, I was really impressed with the costume that Abby came up with.  We only spent $1.00 to buy a silver ribbon to make a headband.  When I went to her class, she clearly had the best costume.  She rocked it out!  Way to go, Abby!
 They did many activities throughout the day.  They made a Roman Road snack layered with granola, candy bars, fig bars, malted milk balls, and oreos.  Since she is gluten free right now, she couldn't eat it.  She shared it with her brothers and sisters.  They also made a mosaic of Roman architecture.

I got to be there for the Roman coin archeological dig.  Someone donated 80 real ancient Roman coins to the school.  The kids were so excited to think about the fact that Julius Caesar and other Roman people they had learned about could have touched their coin.
They started by digging through sand to find their coin
 Next came the cleaning of the coin
 Abby's very own Roman coin.  
She even found a picture of it in one of the books!
 Abby and her teacher
The day ended with a Roman feast:  Bread, olives, figs, cheese, ham, grapes and juice.

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