Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So Much To Say, So Little Time To Say It

What a week it has been . It is only Wednesday, but I feel like it should be Sunday of next week. My days have been full with some expected stuff, but several unexpected things. I think I should declare last week and this week "Hair Weeks" for the Clapp family. As you know, Laila had her hair rebraided. Then on Sunday, Cody decided he was ready to go short again. He has had longer hair for at least 3 years, maybe longer. I was nervous because I didn't know how he would respond if he didn't like it. This boy's hair is thick like nobody's business. I knew it would make it easier on him during wrestling season and this summer when it is warm. Here are the before pics:
Front View
Back View
Here are the after pics: (He looks very unhappy, but he isn't. He just wants to look older, and I think he does!)
Front View
Back View
He is loving the wash and wear, wake up and wear, low-maintenance hairstyle. I am so glad he is happy with it!!

Next on the hair agenda was Isaiah. Earlier in the week, in reference to his hair, he said, "I thought it was a good idea, but now I don't think it is such a good idea." He and I were both weary of the process of locking his dreads. I think also at this age, he is too rough on it. It was fuzzy and coming out all the time. I also couldn't stand letting it look so bad which is kind of a necessary part of the process from what I have been told. So, on Sunday, Rick shaved it off.

He is so much happier with it this way, and so am I!! Now, I don't have to spend 1 1/2 hours every Saturday working on his hair. He looks good! On Thursday, I am scheduled for a haircut and highlights! Rick also got a cut this week.

On Saturday, the girls decided to make a beach for me. They know how weary I get this time of year with the snow and cold weather. They brought the beach to me. They set up the ocean with a blue blanket and the sand with a brown one. They gave me a "palm" tree to lay under, brought in the ocean sounds with a sound machine, shined the light on me for the sun, and made me a refreshing drink with a lemon on the glass.
Here I am laying out on the sand under my blanket(our house was cold)
with flip flops on and wearing my sunglasses!
Lauren swimming in the ocean
Lauren surfing
Abby surfing
I was having a picnic lunch while Laila swam in the ocean
Laila and Isaiah surfing
The kids had a blast pretending. When I was typing this blog post, Laila saw the pictures and said, "When can we do that again? That was fun!"

Monday brought more adventures and challenges to our family. About a week ago, Lauren hurt her foot, but she doesn't remember how. She just started complaining of her big toe hurting. Well, over about a week's time, the pain began to worsen and move up her foot. After a weekend of much hurting and complaining, we decided I should take her in to see a doctor. I got her in on Monday. Who knew that adding that one element to my schedule would result in about 10 phone calls to get everyone else where they needed to be after school that day. Let me just say, it does take a village to raise a child, or least to raise 6 kids. I could not have done it without the help of friends!!

It was not fractured, thankfully, but the doctor could feel some ligament damage that needs time to heal. This is what happened next:
I think she is a little bit excited about having a cast!
Laila was so sweet to her the whole time.
She said, "I know it hurts, sweetie."
Sawing to give her toes breathing room
Laila does not like the noise of the saw
Soccer cast with a lovely walking boot
Did I mention that soccer season started this week?
Not sure about that one.
Walking Cast for 2 weeks, then we will see how it is doing.
We will make the soccer call at that point!
That only gets us through Monday. I don't even want to tell you how traumatized I was about trying to get to Cody's wrestling match at Ft. Carson yesterday. Let's just say, both of my GPS's were wrong multiple times. They led me to a college, a shooting range, and a KFC. I had 5 children in the vehicle with me trying to give me directions, needing to go to the bathroom and feeling hungry. We arrived at the match an hour late. All of that, but we didn't miss Cody's duel!! He didn't win, but he also didn't get pinned. He fought well through the whole 3 minutes. I was so proud of him!!

Oh, and I have yucky cold. This weekend can't get here soon enough. Did I mention I am going on a women's retreat?!? Oh, yes, I am!

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