Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh, Yeah!!

So, those of you that joined me yesterday in World Water Day are so epic(as Cody would say)!

As a collective group of people we had the opportunity to be a part of something BIG and because of your sacrifice, 450,000 people will now have clean water.


Not to mention the empowerment of over 100 mechanics. These people now have jobs. They can support their families and serve their communities.

Obviously, if you missed it, you can still support this cause. Go here if you would like to do that! I am proud of my friend, Mandy. She chose to give of her time, efforts, and resources, and she has led us all to support 4 mechanics!! Mandy, you rock!!

Hey, and I won enchiladas and guacamole out of the deal. Does it get any better than that???

I just had to share this pic with you. This is what happens when I send Isaiah and Sam up to their room to do laundry. I give up!
Next time I guess I need to be more specific. Hang up the clothes that you are NOT wearing!

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  1. Love this photo! Definitely one for the graduation slide show! (Along with the one of him stuck in the dryer.) (: