Saturday, March 24, 2012

Isaiah, the Teacher

On Thursday, Rick, Laila and I headed to school to be taught by Isaiah. His preschool does "student-led" parent/teacher conferences. We knew there would not be a dull moment, and were really looking forward to seeing Isaiah in action.
Our time started with Isaiah looking at the schedule for our time
We directed us to sit on the "circle time" rug together.
He read the book "Not-A-Box" to us for storytime
Next up, Mystery Box.
He counted, sorted, and measured
reminding us that we needed to raise our hands if we had a question!
Then, he led us in counting with the pointer stick
Writing and teaching
The Big Finale was the presentation of his "not-a-box" creation:
A Robot Rocketship!
He explained every detail and the purpose of each part of it.
That is the best robot rocket ship I have ever seen!
It was confirmed for us again that he is a leader. He is articulate. He is charming. He is creative. He is magnetic. He loves school and is liked by all of his classmates.

It also confirms for me how essential it is that we keep this boy on track. He will either lead well or not so much. I pray every day, we can teach him and set the example of how to be a godly leader. We have our work cut out for us!! I can't wait to see what God does with this son of ours!!

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  1. He is definitely all those things...and that's why God gave him to you. You're the perfect people to guide him into his leadership potential.