Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Thoughts

~I am loving the spring break life! Summer can't come soon enough for me. We have had unusually warm weather, and I have slept past 8:00 every morning so far!!

~I do believe Lauren has injured her foot again. Yesterday she fell. I think she broke her little toe. It is very swollen and very bruised. I have a call in to the Dr. I so hope we don't have to do the cast thing again!!

~Why is it that when I am in the shower, I am so motivated to spring clean? The tasks seem manageable. I plan a strategy that I am going to put in action. I am feeling so good about it and envisioning my soon-to-be spotless clutter-free house. By the time I get dressed, I have lost all motivation and am pretty much incapable of conquering any of the messes/projects that await me!

~Isaiah's behavior is so much more intense when he is on breathing treatments. Don't get me wrong, I want the kid to breathe, but dealing with the outcome is exhausting.

~I am working really hard this week on planning some fun things for the kids. We have been to the zoo, the dollar theater, I took Cody to see "Hunger Games," they are having playdates(sorry, "hang out time") with friends, and sleepovers, playing outside a lot, and later bedtimes. Pics to follow.

~All of that has to be balanced with getting some things done around here. They are all in their rooms right now cleaning. We also have to tackle the basement and my truck. Some days I wish I could just move to an empty house and start over!!

~One minute, they are playing nicely together and the next, World War 3 has broken out. These kids should be so prepared for conflict resolution when they are older. They get to practice this skill multiple times a day.

~Tonight, we are going to be eating enchiladas and guacamole that I won in the World Water Day raffle. I am pretty sure those are going to be the best enchiladas I have ever tasted because I don't have to cook!!

~Rick changed to the soft top on his Jeep over the weekend. My favorite quote from Sam when Rick let him play on the Jeep with his shirt off:
"Now this is what I call Spring Break!"
~I have stalled long enough. I am now going to go clean or organize something!!

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  1. there's lots of love in these enchiladas :)