Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend in the Mountains

The kids had a long weekend(Fri.-Mon.) Presidents' Day weekend, and we were blessed with the opportunity to stay in a cabin in the mountains. It was really just what our family needed. We have been going in so many directions. It was great to be all together and mostly unplugged for a whole weekend.

As we were preparing for the trip, the kids had lots of questions about where we were going. They wanted to know where it was, what it was like, what kinds of animals we might see, etc. We assured them that bears should not be an issue because it is winter. At one point, Sam asked, "Are there deers?" I responded, "Probably, but you don't really need to worry about deers bothering you, Sam." His response, "Mom, have you seen 'Are We There Yet?'" I just laughed because in that movie, they basically get attacked by a deer. That boy is ALWAYS saying the funniest things.

We began our trek on Friday afternoon. It was a nice, easy drive. We made a stop in Woodland Park for dinner, then headed the next 30 minutes to the cabin. We drove through the Hayman Fire burn area. It was amazing to see the destruction that can occur. The kids were very intrigued and asked a lot of questions.

As we entered the "neighborhood" where the cabin is, there were lots of ponds. One of them had footprints on it. The kids were speculating about who or what had been walking on the ice. Then, one of them piped up, "Maybe Jesus was walking on the water!" Once again, a good laugh for me.

Here is the cabin where we stayed
The view from the deck
We did a lot of fun things throughout the weekend that we don't normally have the opportunity or take the time to do.

Rick and Cody cut our firewood for the wood stove

The kids went sledding. Laila and I stayed at the cabin
As you can see in this picture they were ready to come back in for hot chocolate!
We watched lots of movies.
Popcorn delivery for movie night
Watching Lion King as a family. Isaiah and Laila had never seen it.
There was some video game playing
Being toasty by the fire
View from the dining room/living room/kitchen
Lots of game playing
The kids loved the game "Loopin' Louie"
Chillin' (literally) on the deck
On Saturday morning, we headed to Woodland Park for a donut meal at the Donut Mill

The donuts were HUGE!
This one is as big as Abby's head!
This is what you call a "donut coma"
On Saturday night, we had our family Valentine's Dinner

Heart-shaped Pizza
Valentine Bingo and Sweetheart Chopsticks Challenge!!
Cards with cash from Papa and Grammy
Yes, I am wearing my jammies. I wore them ALL weekend.
It was glorious!
On Monday, it was time to head out.
Laila helped us clean.
Abby is such a little worker bee
We had a great weekend. We played lots of games, spent lots of quality time together, ate lots of yummy food, and got away from the craziness that our life often is. We are so grateful that we could do this. It was an opportunity to create memories the kids will not forget!


  1. that sounds (and looks!) so great!!!

  2. So neat to see pictures of that cabin! That is where we HONEYMOONED! Brings back sweet memories... it was so nice to rest after all the craziness. What a blessing :)

    Looks like you guys enjoyed it too! Such a great getaway!