Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Operation Hair Braiding

Yes, people, it is hair week around here.

Abby and I have been working furiously getting Laila's oh, so tiny braids out.

They are cute, but boy, do they take a long time to remove, each little strand, one by one, with a toothpick and spray bottle.

I completed Phase One: Taking out the braids on Tuesday (7 hours).

Tonight, I completed Phase Two: Wash, Condition and Detangle(1 hour) and Phase Three: Blow Dry and Put in a few really big braids to keep it stretched out(30 minutes).

Tomorrow, we will finish with Phase Four: Braiding(approximately 4 hours). I am leaving that phase up to the professional. Honestly, it is exhausting sitting there for the 4 hours keeping Laila occupied, calm and fed. I can't imagine if I actually had to braid it, too.

Once it is complete, I will have 2 glorious months of pretty much no-maintenance hair.

Now, that my friends, is a beautiful thing.

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