Monday, February 13, 2012

Living Life

It seems our days are filled around here. I try really hard to take pictures when I remember. I know I will cherish them when I look back. I don't want to just capture the "big events." I want to get the everyday stuff, too! This is one of those posts showing the last 1 1/2 weeks. I actually downloaded my pics backwards so we are going to start with the most recent and go back.

Sam had Civil War day at school on Friday. I so appreciated that this was a non-costume event. I didn't get to attend, but Sam brought this home, and it cracked me up. It is a letter from him as a soldier in the Civil War. The picture in the lower right corner of the note is actually him dressed up in a uniform.
In case you can't read it, it says:
Dear Dad and Mom,
Here is a picture of me in my uniform. I don't usually look so well. This war is an ugle(ugly) war. I am healthy, but tired. I miss your biscuits and cake!
I love you

Speaking of Sam, even at 8 years old, this boy continues to make me laugh every day with something he says. On Sunday, Rick was teaching him to crack eggs for breakfast. The first one that Sam cracked went all over the stove. As they were preparing to try again, Rick said, "What do you think you should do differently next time?" Sam responded, "I guess I shouldn't close my eyes." That might explain why it went everywhere!

Introducing: Isa. I. Am.
This kid came down the stairs dressed like this for Sam' basketball game.
Doesn't he look like he should be in the "Black Eyed Peas"?
"Everybody say, "Boom, Boom, Boom!"
Abby being silly with some crafty eyes
One of the favorite things to do in this house is get in sleeping bags and pillowcases and slide down the stairs.
Here they go!
Crash landing at the bottom
Yes, I am sure one of them will get injured at some point.
For now, I am willing to take that risk.
Cheetah Girl Rock Star!
Every once and a while, Laila will randomly say to me, "Mommy, you are wock star." My response is always, "Thanks, Laila. I think you are a rock star, too!" She will then say, "We are wock stars togeffer."
Since the Science Fair was cancelled, Cody's school hosted an evening for the students to present their Science Fair Projects. Cody was dressed all "snazzy"(as he would say it). He did a great job presenting his project to the parents as they came by.
Isaiah and Laila "enjoying" Sam's bball game.
Abby "enjoys" the games, too!
We had a snow day a week and a half ago. The kids had to get in some play time outside.
Gotta love the Pirate Pose
Sam was sledding down the levels in our backyard.
That had to be painful to make that big drop.
He loved it!! I couldn't watch.
Abby being as stylish as ever.
Her boots didn't match her snowsuit so she put on the scarf to tie the whole outfit together.
Little Snow Bunny
This was Rick's hat from East Berlin, Germany that he got when he lived in Germany as a teenager. He got it before the wall was brought down. Cody thinks that is so cool and has now adopted it as his own.
Lauren says her hat is still cooler.
If you notice, there were no snow pictures of Isaiah. He really didn't care to participate. Even when he does go out in the snow, he doesn't last very long. He and I have that in common. We would rather stay inside where it is warm!!

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