Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was a bit different around here this year. We have postponed our family dinner until Sat. when we will all be together. Cody had a wrestling dual and Sam had bball practice on Valentine's night.
My day started with a burn that formed a blister on my finger when I was toasting a bagel.
What does that blister look like to you?
Africa? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!
Laila and I spent the day party hopping. I made 4 trips to TCA East Campus. We attended 4 different parties. I drove over 75 miles throughout the day trying to make it all happen.
First stop, Lauren's party at lunch time
Lauren's Valentine Box
The net is where the Valentines are put in!
I love the trophy on top.
Back View
Laila got lots of treats and got to do lots of crafts!
Isaiah got to go to Lauren's party, too!
At 2:30 was Sam and Abby's parties.
Decorating a Valentine bag
Silly Boy!
Abby was playing Valentine Bingo
The kids love having Laila come to their class
Last stop, Isaiah's party. (His preschool is at a different location)
We actually came in right as it was ending. He didn't seem to mind.
I woke up to a sweet card from Rick. He and the other life group guys really outdid themselves on Sunday for our group. They did a special dinner and time for all the wives. I will share those pics once I round them up. I didn't have my camera.

I tried to do a date night at home for us with a movie and Blizzards. It had many kid interruptions and the movie was horrible. We both agreed it was the thought that counted.

Speaking of that horrible movie, I searched everywhere for it all day to return to Redbox. It was a free rental, and I did not want to spend a dime on it. I finally found it last night in the fridge. Really?!?!

I am excited about our Family Valentine's Dinner coming up on Saturday night!!

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