Friday, February 10, 2012

Sharing the Love

We have a little tradition in February. I like to call it "Sharing the Love." We have this little heart-shaped container that we secretly pass around throughout the month to show love to each other.
When you have the heart, you must find some type of gift to put in it. I really encourage the kids to think about the person they are giving it to and give them something that they would really like not just something that is easy. When the person is not aware, the "love sharer" puts the heart filled with something on their pillow. The receiver then must do the same for a different family member until everyone has received the heart. We keep it going all month long.

My kids are fighting quite a bit lately. Anything I can do to help them show love and think kindly towards each other is what I am all about. They feel good about giving and they feel special for receiving.

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