Thursday, February 2, 2012

8 Years of Joy!

On Monday, Sam turned 8 years old. It was his year to have a friend party. He chose laser tag with 5 of his buddies from church and school. We had the party on Sunday.
Pizza and Unlimited Soda were on the menu.
Those boys took "unlimited soda" very literally.
2 games of laser tag
Everyone in their gear(Sam cracks me up with his expression here)
Ready to fire away!
Charging his gun
Rick and Elijah hiding and shooting.
The first game the boys played against Rick. Rick won.
I kept hearing the boys say to each other, "Cover me, I need to go energize."
The second game they played was against another party of 8 year old boys.
I love how they are working together here.
Final Score: 317-311
Celebrating their victory!!
After the battles, it was time for singing to the Birthday Boy and Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
The party ended with some time in the arcade: skee ball, basketball, shooting games and motorcycle riding. They earned tickets and "bought" some prizes.
The favorite prize: water squirting ring.
That night we had a spaghetti dinner and more cupcakes and ice cream as a family to celebrate Sam. He opened gifts from his brothers and sisters.

Rick took Sam out to breakfast before school to Rosie's Diner on his actual bday. Evidently, Sam chatted the whole time, animated like always.
Isaiah and Laila and I took him a Burger King lunch to school

Sharing cupcakes with his class
After his bday was over, Sam said, "That was the best Birthday ever!" (Yay!! That one goes in the win column. I always feel stressed leading up to the kids' bdays. I so want them to feel special since there are so many of them. They all need a day every now and then that is all about them!)

You bring so much joy to my life!! I love your sense of humor. I love your tender heart and sensitive spirit. I love your cool hair. I love your sense of style. I love your hugs and kisses. I love how you quote funny lines from TV shows and movies. I love the triumphant gallop you make down the basketball court after you have scored a basket. I love how you proudly remind me that you are meeting your goal this year of not being sent to the principal's office. I love how you smile with your eyes. I love you!

Always, always, always believe the truth that you are you an essential and valued part of our family. You are special. Whenever you doubt that, remember your story. Remember God's protection over your life over and over and over again. He has BIG plans for you.

I am praying that you will be a man of truth. I am praying that you will seek God with all of your heart. I am so proud of you, my little man.
Love, Mom

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!! Looks like you had loads of fun!!!