Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Break and Overhaul

The snow on Saturday propelled us into a project that we have been wanting to start for a while.
All of the kids' activities were cancelled so we began the process of moving all the kids rooms around.

Until now, Cody and Sam have shared a room, Lauren and Abby have shared a room, and Laila and Isaiah have shared a room.

We had hopes earlier this year that we could finish our basement and open up the opportunity for both Lauren and Cody to have their own rooms.

This little event has detoured that plan.

So, we decided to move forward with what we have. The kids are ready for a change, and it is time to get our 3-year old out of her crib.

Commence Project "Bedroom Overhaul."

This is how it will go: Cody will have his own room, Lauren, Abby, and Laila will share a room, and Sam and Isaiah will share a room.

Rick painted the girls' room on Sunday. That began the room shuffle.

Last night everyone slept in their new rooms for the first time. It went surprisingly well.

The upstairs is a total disaster. It is going to take most of the week to get everyone's items to their respective rooms. When it is all done, it will feel so good.

I have really wanted to clean out their rooms for a while, but have been waiting for this.

We are decluttering, weeding out clothes we don't wear, getting rid of toys that we no longer use. It feels amazing. You would not believe the number of trash bags we have filled. It is sad really.

So, that is why I am a bit quiet on here this week. I can't wait to share pics when it is all done.

In the midst of all of that, we are also celebrating Sam's and Abby's spiritual bdays this week. What a treat it is to celebrate the birth of our kids into God's family.

Big stuff going on!!

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  1. wow...what a huge change! i KNOW those trash bags going out feels GREAT!