Saturday, October 15, 2011

What a Week!!

~We have had a very full Fall Break.

~2 kids and one dad have had sicknesses during this week.

~We are still in the process of completing the kids' bedroom overhaul. We have worked for countless hours this week and our upstairs still looks like a tornado hit it!!

~Rick and Cody have been painting his room today.

~We(and I mostly mean Rick) have taken down and put together a total of 7 beds.

~I took out Laila's hair and had it rebraided this week.(Thanks to Abby, taking them out only took 3 hours, add to that another 2 hours to clean, detangle, moisturize, and blow dry. 3 more hours of braiding and the whole process took 8 hours. That is better than the 11 hours it took last time!)

~I have washed every piece of bedding, from all of our beds all in this one week. That was 10 separate sets of bedding(Some old that is being put away, some new that needed to be washed before it was used. Because some of them were too big to fit in one load, I think it totaled at least 15 loads of laundry. That does not include our regular clothing laundry.)

~We visited a pumpkin patch one day.

~Cody and Sam got haircuts.

~Isaiah had preschool 3 days this week, and Rick and I had a parent/teacher conference with his teacher.

~I had a MOPs leadership meeting.

~We had $1 waffle cones at TCBY.

~We celebrated 2 spiritual Birthdays in our house.

~Abby and I went on a movie/dinner date.

~We got doughnuts one morning.

~Lauren had 2 soccer practices and one game.

~Abby had a group piano lesson.

~Cody had Boy Scouts and Life Group.

~Rick and I had a great double date with friends that was refreshing and encouraging.

~Tomorrow is church, Cowboys game, and some work on Beyond Survival.

There are so many stories to tell.

So many pictures to share.

I plan to post those in the next few days.

For now, I plan to collapse!

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  1. Whew...but it must feel good, really good...I know work that I can see getting done feels good. Good luck with the room completion! Have a great week ahead!