Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sam's Turn

Last Sunday, Sam ran the concessions for our Family Cowboys Game Time. He really did a great job. Since he was my baby for so long, I tend to think he can't do what the big kids do, but he showed me that I was wrong.

He added two new elements of his own to the concession stand. Look carefully on his sign of items for sale:
Number 6 says, "foot moshosj." That translates to "Foot Massage." Number 7 says, "back moshosj." That translates to back massage. Now that is how you watch a Cowboys game!!

His s'mores creation
Another element he added was having everyone take a number when they ordered. It was so cute to hear him call out the numbers as the food was ready.
This weekend we will celebrate our House Bday Party with an evening Cowboys' game. It is Isaiah's turn to do concessions. That should be interesting!!

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  1. That is so cute. PS I love Isaiahs picture on the side !