Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Break

As I said in my previous post, Fall Break was busy. Here are a few of the things we did:
Sam's spiritual bday. At his request, we had Little Caesars Pizza, Crazy Bread, and,
as always, ice cream sundaes(Blue Bell coffee ice cream).
Sam loves animals! So, we gave him a book that would teach him about
animals in the Bible. He loves it!!
Sam and Abby actually share the same spiritual bday. We celebrated them on 2 separate days. Abby chose breaded mozzarella sticks and spaghetti for her meal,
followed by ice cream sundaes(Blue Bell Cookie Dough ice cream).
We gave Abby a devotional book for girls her age.
On Sat. night, Abby and I snuck out for a date night.
We saw the Smurfs movie and had dinner at Chipotle.
Sunday was the Cowboys game!!
Our little cheerleader!
Cody ran the concession stand this week.
The menu
We even had signs.
Too bad our enthusiasm didn't win the game for them!!
Up next: Happy Apple Farm and Pikes Peak Cog Railway Field Trip

Coming Soon: Bedroom Makeovers, we are hoping to paint the last room this weekend. Then I will share the big reveals!!

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