Thursday, October 6, 2011

So, So Tired

I haven't had a good night's sleep since last Friday night.(I go through phases of sleeplessness and restlessness in my sleep. Woohoo, this week has been one of those phases.)

Rick has been out of town this week.

This has meant I had to get everyone dressed and out the door this morning by 6:45 AM.

Laila was uncharacteristically whiny ALL DAY.

Isaiah was pushing every boundary that he could push.

I am feeling a kind of tired that I can feel in every organ of my body.

Fall Break for my kids began at 12:15 today.

On one hand, I am thrilled to have the next 10 days where I don't have to get everyone out the door by 7:30, drop off 3 kids, 4 hours later drop off another kid, 3 hours later, pick up one kid, proceed to the next location, pick up 3 kids, proceed to the next destination pick up the last kid.

On the other hand, the thought of having all 6 kids home all day every day for the next 10 days brings visions of fighting and a whole different kind of exhaustion to my mind.

It is only 9:30, and I am heading to bed. Yes, this night person has hit a wall.

Tomorrow, I have 3 parent/teacher conferences back-to-back(orchestrating that is a blessing), a consultation for Abby with the Oral Surgeon, Rick returns, and an opportunity to view Africa through the eyes of a friend.

On Saturday, 3 of my kids have events going on that all start at the same time at opposite ends of town. Not sure how I am going to make that work.

These are the days that I know deep down that I will miss. I am trying desperately to remember that as I wish them away and count down the minutes until their bedtimes.

Tonight, I surrender to the exhaustion and overlook all the things around this house that are left undone.

Sweet Dreams(fingers crossed!)

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  1. praying you slept well. we seem to be on the same cycles these days :-)