Monday, September 12, 2011


I wanted to share Laila's and Isaiah's talents with you. They both love to sing and took some time to sing for me on video tonight.

You are going to have to turn this one up. She sings softly at first, but then gets more confident.
It is so precious to hear her sing worship songs!

This boy needs to be in movies or commercials.

Speaking of rockstars, I am feeling a bit like one tonight myself. I was craving pinto beans and cornbread today and decided to make some for dinner tonight. On the way home from school, you should have heard the moans and groans in our truck when I announced what we were having for dinner. Then, I had a bright idea. I would take some of the pinto beans and make refried beans. Then I put beans, rice, and cheese into a tortilla to make burritos. They were a huge hit. Rick said I went from zero to hero. He was right. I got the meal I was craving and everyone else got to eat something they like, too! I love those moments. They don't happen very often.

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  1. My favorite is when Isaiah pauses to count how many monkeys are appropriate to be in the tree. I love it! What precious videos!