Friday, September 23, 2011

Activities of our Family

I have some catching up to do on the activities that have been going on around here over the last week. As you know, we celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary as a family last Sat. We grilled a steak dinner for all of us to enjoy together. Lauren and Abby decided to make us a cake for our anniversary.
They did a great job!

They also spent all day on the computer making an "anniversary video slide show" for us. It was so cute. We all laughed a lot as we watched it at dinner that night.

Speaking of getting married, this whole talk of our anniversary has brought up many questions from Isaiah and Laila. Laila will now regularly ask me, "Mommy, you got married?" My answer is always, "Yes, Laila, Mommy married Daddy 17 years ago."

Isaiah has felt an urgency to begin to figure out who he is going to marry. I keep telling him, "Buddy, you have a long time before you have to worry about that. Mommy is already praying that God will lead you to the wife He has for you." So, in the truck the other day, after many questions of concern, I said, "Isaiah, would you like to pray and ask God right now to lead you to the wife he has for you in his timing?" He then prayed the sweetest prayer. I love that boy's passion when it is directed in the right way.

Lauren had a ortho appt. last week.
Afterwards, we ran an errand and "Daddy"(I put it in quotes because he wasn't there and didn't realize he was treating us in that way!)bought us Starbucks.
We sent him this pic on my phone with the message, "Thanks, Daddy, for the Starbucks!"
Isaiah and Laila chillin' in the shopping cart.
They spend lots of time in shopping carts!
Today is Constitution Day for Sam. He will recite the Preamble to the Constitution for a grade and do some fun activities in his class to represent that time period.
You can see my mad costume skills.
It looks way better in the picture than in person!

Isaiah and Laila came down the stairs this morning in robes.
Laila is practicing her Karate
She was saying, "Come and get it" in this pic
At one point, her robe was coming untied. She frantically said to me, "Mommy, it's coming off. Tie it again, seriously!!"

In less than 24 hours, Rick and I will be headed out of town for our anniversary trip. I feel like what is left to do is manageable. I will share more about getting ready for this trip later today!! Now, I am off to get it all done!

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