Saturday, September 17, 2011

17 on the 17th

17 years ago today, Rick and I said, "I do." It really was the perfect day. It was everything I hoped and dreamed. Every day since then has not been perfect, but there has not been even one day where I regretted saying those words to this man.

I love this pic because it represents one of my favorite things about our relationship. We. Love. To. Laugh. Together. We love to be around others that make us laugh. There are days where we just have to laugh in order to keep our sanity, otherwise we would cry.
A lot has happened in 17 years. We have lived in 4 different states, 8 different homes, gotten 2 Masters' Degrees(1 each), birthed 4 children, adopted 2 children, been to Africa a total of 8 times, had 8 different vehicles, worked in 3 different churches, and now we are starting a non-profit organization. There is a lot of life represented in all of those stats!!

Despite all of the living and daily struggles that go along with life, I can honestly say that I love you, Rick, more than ever. The depth and intimacy of our relationship continues to grow and strengthen. This picture symbolizes that for me. We have a lot going on around us. The last year, in particular, has been quite the challenge, but you are my anchor through it all. You settle me, soften me, and lead me back to Christ every time. I know that my personality often wears you out, but you hang in there with me and center me. You talk to me even when you have used all of your words. You lead me in love and have taught me what forgiveness really looks like. You challenge me to maintain my character even when things don't seem fair and I don't "feel" like it. We approach life so differently. Ultimately, we are better for it. We sharpen each other.
(we do have 6 children, a couple of kids are behind us in this pic)

Here we are, 17 years later, with the 6 children we dreamed would be ours. Our family doesn't look like we expected, but I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY!! You are the father that our kids need and the husband that God picked just for me.
Tonight we will celebrate as a family with a steak dinner and time to reflect. Next weekend, Rick and I get away for some time together. 17 years is something I am proud of and want to celebrate!! I looking forward to the next 17 years with you!! Just imagine what I will be able to say in that blog post!