Monday, September 19, 2011


I left the title on this post blank, because I cannot think of a phrase that encapsulates how I feel today.

I want to run really far away where no one can find me.

I am weary and worn.

It is how it works with a family of 8.

I get it.

I expect it.

Hey, I signed up for it.

But, today, it is too much.

~Maybe it is because a break is in sight, and I am just holding on to my last bit of sanity to make it through. (I cannot wait to get away this weekend!)

~Maybe it is because I am trying to stock a pantry and fridge for 6+ people for 4 days while I am gone, and I know that even if I work on it today, half of the food I stock will be gone again by the time I leave.

~Maybe it is because things keep turning up broken, empty, and out of place around here and NO ONE knows ANYTHING about what happened.

~Maybe it is because I am doing the summer/fall clothing swap out around here. That task alone is enough to send me down an ugly path emotionally.

~Maybe it is because I found almost a whole container of Kleenex pulled out and in the trash. (one of my biggest pet peeves, wasting things!!)

~Maybe it is because I am frantically trying to arrange all of the logistics while we are gone. (It is going to take 6 people to do what I do while I am gone.

~Maybe it is because I feel the need to have my house somewhat presentable when those people who are helping me out come over this weekend.

~Maybe it is because I HAVE to make jam and zucchini bread today because I HAD to buy the ingredients while they were on sale because things keep ending up broken and empty around here and kleenexes and toilet paper keep getting wasted!! I have to save up somewhere so we can throw it away somewhere else.

~Maybe it is because I have one child who feels the need to scream at the top of her lungs and be as stubborn as all get out every day for the last 2 weeks over various issues.

~Maybe it is because I have had to discipline another one of my children at least 6 times before noon for messing with things that don't belong to him.

I am guessing some of you reading this are having a similar day.

Take comfort. You are not alone.

I know we are not supposed to rejoice in another's pain, but I am giving you permission. Go ahead, say it, "I am so glad I am not the only one who feels like this sometimes. "

Minute by minute, day by day, It's not always pretty, but it's real.


  1. I routinely say that I am not exactly sure how you do what you do every day. I am amazed by what you do, how many things you juggle and how you seem to cope with it all even when things seem unbearable and unmanageable. I hope you are recharged by your time away.

  2. yep, i had many of the same feelings last week, especially around the broken, messy, wasting things and we are only 1/2 the size! praying you can do all things!