Friday, September 2, 2011

Minute by Minute, Day By Day or Have Your Cupcake and Eat it, too!

I woke up today with my new mantra in mind. Cody was the only one that had school today. So, after taking him, I decided to embrace this morning off with the kids. We went for a walk/scooter ride to the doughnut shop near our house with our Groupon in hand. Technically, it is a cupcake shop, but they also serve doughnuts. The fryer was broken, so the only option today was cupcakes. Embracing my new mantra, I said, "Well, then let's have cupcakes for breakfast.(Are they really that much worse than eating a doughnut? I am guessing not!)
Our choices(from left to right)
Vanilla w/ sprinkles(Abby), orange dreamsicle(Isaiah), turtle(Lauren), orange dreamsicle(Laila), rootbeer(Sam), and vanilla w/ sprinkles(me, I actually traded mine out for the black/white one before I ate!))
I think I should get some kind of "Fun Mom" award for this one. You better believe I have gotten all the mileage I can out of it today!!
Cupcake Crew
Our Groupon was for 1 dozen so here are our other choices:
Key Lime, Black and White, Mint Chocolate Chip,
Tiramisu, Turtle, and Lemon
Laila was the Cupcake Keeper on the ride home.
We even buckled them into the wagon.
After this little adventure, we went on another one. We were meeting a friend at the park so we decided to walk/bike/scooter there. We did have cupcake calories to work off!!

I have so appreciated some of the comments I received on my "mantra" post. I know I am only 2 days into it, but it feels so freeing to let go of so much. There will be setbacks, but today I am soaking in the good and being kind to myself.

Speaking of the mantra, this friend, showed up at my door with this book. God told her to get it for me. She even said, "I wanted to bring you a sweet tea, but wasn't able to get it." Really? Just the thought blessed my heart. It spoke to where I am. It spoke to what God is saying to me. It reminded me that God sees me and is using others to care for me. Thanks, Tricia. I have already started reading it. Just reading the description and the endorsements gets me excited!! My heart resonates with the point of this book. I will let you know how it is!

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