Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Love Lucy, Too!!

My husband sent this message out to our church today. I wanted to share it with you as well.


It is with great sadness that I let you know that, Lucy, one of the leaders at our Care Point in Swaziland has died. Marcia Borg, one of our partners with AIM has written a great tribute on her blog if you would like to read about Lucy: click here

Lucy was always excited and grateful each time our team from Vanguard came to visit her country. I remember her dancing in front of the kitchen we built when she saw our vehicles pull up to love on them at our care point. I thought you would want to know.

Love ya,
Rick Clapp

My heart is sad for this loss. It will be felt at the carepoint. Lucy was always so loving and kind to us when we visited. She truly displayed an attitude of gratitude. I will always remember her in her head scarves and apron while she swept the kitchen area at the carepoint.

So, today, I mourn the loss of a friend on the other side of the world. I am so thankful God crossed our paths.


  1. Just today our boys wrote notes to Mlandvo that we'll send over via Hope Chest....so sorry to hear about Lucy and we'll be praying for all the people that she has touched, that they'll be strengthened during this time and step up to fill the gap that I'm sure she'll leave! Bless you guys in all you do!

  2. Mmmm. Doesn't He put amazing people in our lives?