Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Pancake Chef

Cody made us pancakes to go with our big breakfast on Monday since the we were all home with a day off. It was his first time to do the whole process by himself. He did a great job and at the end, declared himself the "King Pancake Maker" of our house.

I almost didn't post this picture because of the mess in the background. I also knew that Rick would make fun of me because the cabinet door was open in the background. He says I always leave cabinet doors open. Well, now my secret is out. My kitchen is often messy, and I leave the cabinet doors open. (To my credit, there are at least 5 other people in the house that get in those cabinets and leave them open, too.)

As you can see, he was pretty excited about his accomplishment. We had plain and chocolate chip pancakes to go with our bacon, eggs, and hot chocolate. It was delicious and such a treat for all of us to be home for the day together.

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  1. Fantastic! It must be nice to have help from the kiddos. Chocolate chip pancakes sound awfully delicious to me right now!