Monday, January 24, 2011


Have you ever thought about how important the lenses through which you look are? If you have the wrong prescription in your glasses, it totally changes the outlook. This weekend was a good "eye exam" for me on so many levels.

I realized that I need a new prescription to look through, and God gave me that this weekend. When I look at my life, my home, the things that I have, it seems pretty average to me. I know that there are people with less, but according to America's standards, we are pretty average. There are lots of people who have lots more and may look down on my "stuff." When someone comes into our home, they may see the worn carpet, the scratched walls with marks on them, the dishes that are 17+ years old that don't match the decor of my kitchen, the worn leather furniture, the broken pantry door, etc. Our kids have to share bedrooms(2 to a room). They don't have their own space!! You get the picture. Because I live in America and have all that I do, I tend to focus my lenses on those that have more than me and all the "better" stuff of their lives.

This weekend was a real "eye opener"(pun intended) for me in this area. You see, when there is someone staying in your home that is from a poverty-stricken country, you start to see your stuff differently. I noticed all the food I have stored up in my pantry and my garage shelves. I noticed the 2 fridges and freezers with food. I noticed the boxes of clothes stored in my basement that will be handed down to our younger children. It was hard for me to throw away that bruised, old potato and to keep the water running in the sink while I was rinsing dishes. I thought about how this house has four bedrooms with real beds in each one. We have 2 1/2 bathrooms!!! I cringed as I saw the cereal bowls left half full on the counter after breakfast. It was very humbling and kind of convicting.

So, this weekend, God has given me a new prescription. I am choosing to look and compare my life to those that have less rather than those that have more. It is really the way I think He would have us view things. By doing that, I can be much more thankful for what I have, and hold a much looser grip on those things. There is a really big world out there. As middle-class Americans we are already at the top of the spectrum when compared with the rest of the world. I don't think we have to get rid of everything. God gives us blessings. He wants to bless His children. I think I have an idea of what it feels like to Him when we are ungrateful and selfish with our things because I see that in my own kids sometimes. I want to bless them, but I also desire to teach them what is REALLY important in life.

Today, I have my new glasses on. I think they look pretty snazzy. I hope I remember to wear them every day as a reminder of this weekend and the lenses of my life.
Have you had your eyes examined lately?

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