Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Field Trip

Last week, Isaiah, Laila, and I went on a little visit to our friends, the Cressmans. It is always a treat to go there. Sue and John have lots of exciting things and they know how to love and serve like no other. This day was no exception.

Our time started with some love for Sally, the dog
Then, it was off to the chicken coop to feed the chickens and gather some eggs. Isaiah was into every minute of this process and participated fully. Laila took more of a passive role and observed it all.
Isaiah is excited, but also a bit hesitant at first
With Mrs. Sue's help, he got right in there with the chickens
throwing them food and watching them go for it.
He felt very powerful when Sue told him he could shoo them away with his bowl!
The chickens finally got tired of him bossing them around so they decided to go inside.
Laila's chicken impression.
It is so much better in real life with the sound effects!
The egg
Gathering the eggs
How exciting, 4 eggs!!
Then, we came in and cooked them.
Isaiah was the boss of the kitchen and Sue is nice enough to let him do that.
The Grand Finale:
Eating his eggs
Laila had some, too!
The kids had a blast!! As we drove away, they both were saying, "When can we go to Mrs. Sue's house again?"

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