Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hard to Write

It has been really hard for me to write this week.

Honestly, it has been hard for me to engage anything.

This week has "kicked my butt" emotionally.

My desire has been to withdraw and disengage.

I have done the necessary tasks to somewhat maintain this household, but my heart has not been in it.

I only share this to say, "If you are there, I get it, I feel it, and WE are not alone."

4 months into this process of a huge life change has left me more vulnerable than I ever imagined.

I kind of thought it would be over by now. I really hoped it would be over by now.

There are wounds that keep getting ripped back open before they have a chance to completely heal.

I love sharing the blessings and good moments with you.

I feel it is important that I share the struggles, too. It is real life.

That is where I am. I am trying to move on. I am just not feeling it right now.


  1. laura - i'm also "in the middle" so it feels like i can't help you. but, what does come to mind is don't fight it. let it come. be mad, hurt, angry, confused, tired. cry, write, pray. LET IT. the more we fight it, the harder it is. and, no matter what - keep your eyes on Him. even if it's just a whispered, "Father..." He is with you. and i'm praying for you!