Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday X 2

Last night was a big night!! We had the opportunity to celebrate the Birthday of two special little ladies. Sonya and Alissa are twins and were celebrating their bday for the first time with their family, the Goads. It was a big night with lots of celebrating going on. I have pictures to share. They aren't the best, because I took them on my phone, but they capture some of the fun of the night.

The night began with 20 little girls of all ages coming together. There were 3 stations set up, each with a snack and an activity.
Laila got her fingernails painted for the first time!
She chose yellow. She also got some pink eyeshadow!
This is the bracelet-making station.
The glam station: nails painted, make-up and tattoos
There was also a game/dance party station, but my picture of that one was totally blurry.
Ellen, Tosha, and Mandy: The ladies running this little shindig
It was a pajama party so we wore our jammies!
Tosha made cakes for the girls.
"Make a wish"
Laila loved her pizza
After eating half of each cake, they became Siamese twins
Of course, the night would not be complete without the gifts.
These girls totally racked up on Barbie stuff and all things girly!
The little ones headed home and the big girls spent the night. They watched a movie and had a big breakfast the next morning. It was a celebration we will always remember!!

Happy Birthday, Sonya and Alissa. We pray for many more opportunities to share this special day with you!!

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