Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Isaiah's 4 Yr. Pics

Isaiah turned 4 in December, so it was time to get some new pictures taken. Let me tell you, it was questionable whether he was going to cooperate. The photographer and I could see him standing there thinking and deciding what he was going to do. Thankfully, he chose to participate. He doesn't do anything halfheartedly. Once he decided, he turned it on, baby! I tell you, I think this kid could be a star someday!

What am I going to do with him? He is exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. He has two volumes: LOUD and ASLEEP. He knows what he wants and is determined to get it. All the qualities of an amazing leader exist in this little boy. Now, if I can just figure out how to hone them, develop them, and direct him in such a way that he leads well when he is older. On somedays, it feels like an insurmountable task. But no matter how it goes, I can't believe he is mine and that God has entrusted him to our family.

Crazy, Zazy, you definitely keep my life interesting. Your passion and energy challenge me every day. I know it is those qualities that got you through your first two years of life, and I believe it is those same qualities that will propel you into the future that God has for you. I love you, my sweet boy!

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