Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer and Friends

Those are pretty much two of my favorite things.  Put them together and my love bucket overflows.

We have had some opportunities over the last couple of weeks to spend some time with some really special friends.

It started with a drive-thru lunch with friends from 18 years ago.  We met Kurt and Cindi when we moved to Dallas.  We started out volunteering as youth workers in their youth ministry and when they were called to come to Colorado Springs for a ministry position(yes, small world), Rick took the position of youth pastor.  Now, all these years later, both of our families are chugging along in ministry both in very different phases than we were when we met.  They are in TX while we are here.  Crazy!!

These two are the real deal and were mentors to us as a newly married couple and young Seminary students.  They had us in their home over and over.  They let us eat their food.  They included us in family activities.  They let us stay over really late many nights chatting.  They made our adjustment to Dallas so much easier, especially for this small-town girl who was not used to the big city!  Kurt and Cindi, thank you so much for stopping in to see us.  We continue to be inspired by your ministry to your church and your family.  We want to be just like you when we grow up!!
 Just a few short days later, we had the opportunity to connect with the Elliotts as they head to their new assignment in Germany!!  Carrie is my Hawaii adoptive mama kindred spirit.   God crossed our paths through our adoptions, and I love every chance we get to hang out!!  I think a trip to Europe needs to be in my future!!
 Girl time!
 These two are truly "brothers from another mother."  
They are only a week apart in age and two little peas in a pod!
The Elliott and Clapp Kiddos 
Yes, all these children are from only 2 families!!  
 I LOVE that we got to connect before their flight left Denver!!  
Thank you, Elliotts for adding the craziness to your day to see us!

Of course, no trip to Denver is complete without Krispy Kreme.  
We made a little stop on our way home!
 Laila and I were treated to a special bday breakfast with her friend, Amiah.  
These two go so well together.  
 Our friend, Jan is in town from Qatar, where she is teaching.  
It is a tradition for Rick, Dixie, Jan and me to have an evening out together when she is in town!
We have big dreams for Beyond Survival as a group!
 Lots of laughs and lots of love for these two!!
Thanks, Jan, for giving us your precious time while you are here!!
This is what life is about, people!  Investing in the relationships that God has placed in our lives.  So many people would give up everything to have these types of people in their lives.  

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