Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Living the Dream

I share lots about our "special events," but I don't often tell about the day in and day out.  Here is a glimpse into the happenings at our house on any given day.  
These 3 are loving to dress up in costumes 
 It entertains them for ours
 Laila would way rather dress as a superhero than in one of the princess dresses we have
 We had a small incident a couple of weeks ago.  Lauren got a "bug bite."  It started out like a mosquito bite.  Within a couple of days, it looked like this:
 Then, she developed a fever and it turned into this
 We don't know for sure if it was just a bug bite gone bad by infection or a spider bite.  Either way, it required an antibiotic to heal.  She was in quite a bit of pain.

Periodically, I will take one of the kids grocery shopping with me and give them the opportunity to pick any one item they want for under $5.  They get to have that item all to themselves.  I did have to rule out drinks.  I have a couple of kids that would get five 2-liters or a 24-pack of soda.  
This is Sam's choice:
 We had Promotion Sunday at church a couple of weeks ago.
Isaiah is now in the big kids area.  He is pretty pumped about that.
 Sam now goes to Propel(4th and 5th grade area) and can sign himself in.
 Abby's garden is beginning to produce some veggies.  So far we have had tomatoes and zucchini
After reading "The Little Red Hen" Isaiah was very motivated to help me make zucchini bread
 We made 2 gf loaves and 2 regular loaves
 "Who will help me make the bread?"
 "I will, I will!"
 It turned out nicely(These are the gf ones)
 Laila and I have gotten to have some special dates while the big kids are at school.  
 I took her to Pei Wei for the first time
 She loved it so much, she said, "We have to bring the whole family here sometime, Mommy!"
We stopped by the Farmers' Market last week to see our friend, Holly.  
She gave Laila her very own bar of soap.  That chick was so excited, she carried it with her everywhere for the rest of the day.  
Here we are picking the kids up from school:
 Crafty Abby has struck again.  She made mini purses out of blue jean pockets
 What could be so valuable that it requires a combination lock to protect it?
 I bet you didn't guess, Queso!  
My kids take their food very seriously!!

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  1. My kids take their food very seriously as well. That's pretty funny about the queso. Enjoyed hearing some regular days glimpses.