Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Has Started!!

I have spent some part of the last 22 days working on getting these kids ready for school.  I refused to even print out the supply lists before August 1.  About August 10th, I was wishing I had started earlier. It has truly been a HUGE project.  I am very proud to report that everyone went to school fully clothed on their first day, and as far as I can tell, everyone had the supplies they needed.  Now, I need to go apply for a second mortgage on our house to pay for it all!!  

We have had lots of back-to-school activities going on over the past week.  It started last Thursday with "Meet and Greet" at Abby, Sam, and Isaiah's school.  We took in their supplies, met their teachers, and got to have ice cream at the end.  
Sam and his teacher, Mrs. Vandewarker
 Abby and her teacher, Ms. Higgins
 Isaiah and his teacher, Mrs. Davis

 On Friday, we had our last Big Breakfast before school begins.  I made sausage balls, garlic cheese grits, and monkey bread.  It was delish.
Laila had her "Meet and Greet" later that morning. 
She wanted to wear her "Swazi dress" for the occasion
This is the first time we have ever been able to walk to school. 
She is going to our neighborhood school for this year until she is old enough to attend the same school as her siblings.
 We didn't get one-on-one time with her teacher to get a picture
 This is her classroom
 Since our kids are at different schools, they have different start dates.  So, we don't have a group picture.  Cody and Lauren leave much earlier for school than the others do.
Lauren is in 7th grade this year
 Cody is a Freshman in High School
 Laila is in Kindergarten
 Look out Pioneer Elementary, Here I come!!

 Playing on the playground before school started
 She was pretty excited when we picked her up.  She had a great first day!!
 All I do is pull out the camera and this boy starts his magic.
He is in 1st grade and will be going to school all day!
 I don't even have to ask him to pose
 I am praying for his teacher this year!!
 Abby is in 5th grade
 Sam is in 4th grade
 This was his silly pose.  Not sure what that is all about.
My 3 C's:   Calm, Cool, and Crazy
 Laila jumped in for a group shot
Once again, I have half a day to myself as Laila goes to morning Kindergarten.  I am pretty excited about that.  She and I will have some special time together each afternoon .  I am pretty excited about that, too!!

We have almost survived our first week of school.  Everyone has been pretty tired and there may have been a few meltdowns at night.  I expect the first 2 weeks to be hard.  We are all figuring out our new routine.

On top of that we have Lauren and Isaiah in soccer, Abby doing piano and gymnastics, and Cody and Lauren in youth group.  That results in something going on Mon. - Thurs. nights with games on Saturday and church on Sundays.  The Lazy Days of Summer are definitely over!!

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