Monday, July 1, 2013

KY Fun - Part 2

Our days were filled with lots of fun activities while we were in KY.  In my last post I showed Sam working on his derby car.  Well, evidently, Rick took pictures of the whole process so I am adding a couple more with a pic of the finished product at the end. 

 Love his "Home Alone" face
 Cody will be getting his permit soon.  Rick took him out driving one day.
Of course, he loved it!
 We spent one morning going through boxes of memory stuff.  It was fun to see old pictures and old things my childhood and high school years.  There were also many really old pictures of people that are so old, we don't even know who they are.  We had some good laughs with several of them.  I wonder if people will be laughing at our pictures some day?  

The coolest thing we discovered was this certificate awarded to my grandfather.  In case you can't read it, it says, "This is to Certify that  Paul S McGee has participated in work essential to the production of the Atomic Bomb thereby contributing to the successful conclusion of World War II.  This certificate is awarded in appreciation of effective service, 6 August 1945"  
That is not something you see everyday!
 On one of our days, Rick's brave mother took all 16 grandchildren along with us parents to a place in Glasgow called, "Ralphies."  They have bowling, skating, inflatables, glow golf, arcade games, and a more.  We spent at least 6 hours there.  We had a good time.  I was so busy bowling, I didn't take a lot of pictures.  I only got a couple of the cousins.
 Isaiah became very attached to his big cousin, Jordan during our trip
 Laila got lots of hugs and kisses throughout the week 

 Cody and his favorite KY drink, Mello Yello
 This picture does not look that great, but these things are AH-MA-ZING!  
They are funnel fries.  If you like funnel cake, you will LOVE these!
 Mario and Luigi, also known as Zachery and Sam

 Rick beat me at almost every game of bowling.  I was determined to keep bowling until I won at least one game.  Then, I quit.  I think we bowled at least 10 games.  Here is my proof.
 Laila loves being with her Grammy...
 ...and her Grandma
 This chick was a roller skating rock star with the help of this little device
 Isaiah won some vampire teeth
 On another day, Grammy took us to Beech Bend Park. They have a water park and all kinds of fun rides.  We spent time doing both!!

 This boy amazes me.  He has never had swimming lessons, but can swim underwater for a long time.  

 Isaiah went on this ride with me and literally screamed the whole time, "MOMMY, NO, MOMMY.  I WANT TO GET OFF!!"  We were in the very back seat.  He was glad when it was over!
 This is more his speed
 I feel like I live on the "Crazy Bus" most days!

 They loved bumping into each other
 Laila and Isaiah went on this roller coaster. 
Sam, Lauren, Rick and I went on an a huge wooden roller coaster.  We had a blast.  They are our two daredevils when it comes to rides for sure.  
Lauren likes being behind the wheel.
 Abby was Rick's driver for the day
 I normally love the swings, but these were different.  Rick and I both felt sick when we got off.
 There were many more rides, water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, and even some Chick-fil-a before the night was over.  This was one happy crew of kids.  They had a blast!
 Laila with her Papa
 We also got to celebrate Father's Day with 3 dads(My Dad, my hubby, and my brother) and 9 kids(if you count my brother and me) in our family.  I made us a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, garlic cheese grits, biscuits, gravy, and o.j.
No, I am still not finished.  Part 3 is coming soon!!

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