Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sam Fought A Rock...

...And The Rock Won!!

Last Monday, I was working my little heart out going through Cody's closet, when I hear these blood curdling screams come into the house.  I rushed to the stairs to find Sam run up with blood ALL. OVER. HIM!  It was pouring out of the back of his head.  I had no idea what kind of wound I was going to uncover under all of that bloody mess(said with a British accent).  As I was cleaning him and putting pressure on his head, I asked what happened.  He explained the whole situation.  The gist of the story is that a neighbor kid got mad and threw a rock at him.  Don't even get me started on this one.  I understand accidents happen, but this has been a pattern.  The crazy part is that the rock wasn't even sharp.  It was smooth and round.  The sheer impact of it split his head open.  He must have thrown it really hard!

Anyway, when I finally uncovered the wound, it wasn't big, but it was deep and wide.  I just didn't know if it could heal on its own.  I was able to text a picture to his doctor and she confirmed that we needed to go to Urgent Care.  This was my first time to have to take one of my kids in for "stitches."
I think it looks a little bit like Africa : )
 At one point, Sam got really lightheaded, clammy, and looked like he might pass out.  Thankfully, that passed.  I think he was just traumatized.  
On the way to the doctor
 We didn't have to wait long to be put in a room
 When the doctor first saw it, he thought it would need a staple.  I told Sam that they had a really big stapler he would have to lay his head in.  He got a kick out of that.  He appreciates my humor.  On second glance, the doctor figured out how to fit it back together and decided he might actually be able to glue it!
That cotton ball has anesthetic on it to numb the area
 Sure enough, he got it all glued up.  With the glue, we don't even have to go back in for a follow-up visit.  They didn't even have to shave his hair.
All glued up!
It's amazing how much smaller it looks once it is glued!
He does have to keep it from getting wet for a week.  That complicated some swimming plans that we had.  He has had some pain from it.  Poor guy.  It makes me sad to see him in pain.

He has talked about it A LOT.  I know this is one injury he won't forget any time soon.

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