Saturday, July 13, 2013

Teenager in the House

On July 1, Lauren became a teenager.  Wow!  It goes slow in the day-to-day, but looking back, I can't believe we are at this point.  She will be starting junior high in the fall at a new school.  She got a Facebook account for her Birthday.  Soon, she will have her first cell phone.  All the while, I am feeling very old and unequipped for this stage!! 

We started her special day with her choice of breakfast:  
French Toast and of course, coffee!
 This chick is a true coffee drinker.  She loves the stuff and can drink it way stronger than I would ever even consider.  She likes coffee ice cream, fraps, and just about anything you can put coffee flavor into.

For the afternoon, she had the opportunity to go swimming with a friend.  While she was gone, Abby and I got to work decorating for her party.
Party favors
 Lauren's nickname is "Lolly" so we gave out "Lolly Pop" to the girls.
 The color scheme was aqua, purple and neon green with some zebra print thrown in.
Not sure if you can see, but we had One Direction plates.  
She is a big fan!
 Abby created this gift opening area.  
 Once the girls arrived, we headed out for pizza

 Then, we did a round of Putt-Putt golf
 The whole crew
 These girls cracked me up.  
 Birthday Girl
 Lots of opportunities for pictures
 In case you can't tell, they chose the "Wild Kingdom" golf course

 Lauren's favorite animal is a lion
 After mini golf, we came home to open gifts.
 Candy card
 Lion Necklace
 Zebra ice cream cake
(vanilla cake colored green and death by chocolate ice cream)
 Happy Birthday, Lauren
 Braiding train
 Ipods and cell phones
 They ended the night with a tent sleepover in the basement, chocolate popcorn, and watching "Jack and Jill"
Lauren made her famous Fraps from her secret recipe for breakfast
 Zebra pancakes
I was pleased with the outcome of the zebra pancakes
 We love you, Lolly!
I really can't believe that I am wishing you a happy 13th Birthday.  My baby girl is becoming a young lady.  I love watching you become who you were created to be.  Your love for soccer has only grown stronger.  You are my little chef as you cook favorite recipes and create new ones on your own.  You are beautiful.  You are kind.  You are funny.  You have a gentle spirit about you. You are giving.  You are always willing to share with those around you.  I love seeing you seek after God.  You are ready to really make your faith your own and live your life with that in mind.  Trust the voice of God in your life to guide you in tough decisions, especially when it is different than what the world is saying to you.  You are strong enough to say no.  You are smart enough to choose for yourself.  You are beautiful enough to set your standards high.  You are valuable and worthy.  I love you, Lolly.  I believe in you!  Welcome to the teenage years!!

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