Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Bucket List

We are just plugging along through the summer doing lots of staying up late and sleeping in.  The kids are playing outside a lot, much to Laila's and Isaiah's dismay.  We are eating lots of popsicles.  There have even been a couple of lemonade stands set up.  There have been several sleepovers and playdates along with some swimming.  We are doing some of the things on our summer list that we want to do and some that we need to do.  Let's start with the ones that we NEED to do.  I have been going through every room of the house decluttering for our upcoming yard sale.  I can't believe how much we accumulate.  It feels good to get it cleaned out.

Rick spent some of his time off painting
 It has been several years since we painted the main level.  It needed freshening up.  
It looks so much better.   Getting it painted is the first step towards getting new carpet(fingers crossed) someday!
 We did our annual trip to Pirate's Cove
 I didn't take any swimming pictures this time
 I just wanted to enjoy the time in the water without having to tote a camera around
We had fun as always
 The weather was perfect!!
 Rick took Cody, Lauren, and Abby to set up their own personal savings accounts.  It looks like Lauren took advantage of the free coffee!
 The older kids have done some summer jobs.  Cody did some dog walking/sitting.  He has worked at the Farmers' Market a few times at our neighbor's Kettle Corn booth.  He also has been mowing yards.  Lauren has a soccer camp coming up that she is helping out with.  She is also wanting to babysit if anyone needs a babysitter.  Abby loves to clean and organize and is really good at it.  She is looking for jobs to raise money for her Africa trip.

Since we were in KY when it was Father's Day, we decided to do a little Father's Day breakfast at home for Rick.  What Father's Day is complete without bacon?  And...your welcome!
 Rick reading through his book that the kids write in for him. 
 We have also taken advantage of some freebies.   We had free Slurpees on 7-11.  I didn't get a picture of those.  We are doing the summer reading program and got some great freebie coupons from that.  We also participated in Cow Appreciation Day.  That has become a new tradition.
Costume Supplies
 Working on our costumes
 Sam and Isaiah went with a Cow Superhero Theme

 Here we are, all dressed up.
 Notice someone is missing.  Rick chooses not to participate each year.  I have no idea why!
 Bat Cow
 Super Cow
 Princess Cowla
 7 free meals, now that is what I am talking about!

It was fun!!  It feels like summer is coming to a close quickly.  We are almost to August.  At that point, I will have to begin the school supply/uniform shopping extravaganza.  I am not looking forward to that.  Until then, we will continue to mark things off our list!!

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