Tuesday, July 2, 2013

KY Fun - Part 3

One of the regular occurrences on our trip to KY were cousin sleepovers.  These kids could not get enough of each other.  One night it was all boys.  Another night it was all girls.  Another night it was big kids.  Then, it was little kids, and on and on and on with every combination you can imagine.  I was not at the sleepovers so I didn't take pics, but Rick's sister did send a few from a night at her house.  I don't have any pics with Rick's brother's kids. 
The boys
 The girls
Redneck Wine Glass from Ashley and Tyler's wedding
 A little taste of KY
(I love that Blue Bell has a unique flavor for each state!)
 We got to celebrate Briley's 1st Birthday while we were there!  
I love that we got to be there when she was born and now a year later on her bday.
 Brian and Ashley did a beautiful job of decorating
Grammy made some banners
 A picture for each month of her first year
 Yummy food!
Briley and her mommy
 Briley and her Grammy
 The little princess on her throne
 Time to eat
 Opening gifts
 We had some good ole' southern cookin' for dinner.  There is just nothing like it!

 Laila got her bday gifts from Papa and Grammy
 A Doc McStuffins playset and a game for her Nintendo DS
On Saturday night, we loaded up the truck to head out bright and early at 5:00 the next morning.  We pulled out of the driveway by 5:15.  I can't say that we were bright, but it was definitely early.

Next stop, Great Wolf Lode in Kansas City!!

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