Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Baby Turns 5!!

Laila's Birthday is June 24.  She loves to go to water parks.  She has yet to really want a friend party.  The idea of choosing friends to invite, choosing a theme, and then having to be the center of attention for a whole party is just too overwhelming to her introverted little self.  Knowing all of this about her, we decided to us the Groupon deal that we got for Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City and break up our drive home.  We were anxious to see how the kids would do driving during the day and breaking up the drive.  

(Just as a side note here:  We won't be doing that again any time soon.  Rick and I both agreed that no matter how exhausting it is to drive through the night, it beats 2 days of driving with kids awake.  Not only did it feel like it took way longer, but we found that driving during the day is more frustrating.  There is more construction to deal with, there are a lot more people on the roads slowing things down, it is a lot hotter, and the kids have way too much time on their hands awake leading to much fighting and complaining from them.  On top of all of that, we didn't get good rest our second night in KS which left us very exhausted on the final day of driving.  I am glad we did a little family vaca time, but we won't be doing that regularly.)

We arrived at Great Wolf Lodge around 4:00.  That gave enough time for Rick to get in a little nap before dinner and the kids and me to do some swimming.
The cool part is that our room slept 8 people.  There were these two beds
 This couch bed(Abby is very resistant to having her picture taken these days)
 Rick and I had our own separate room with a King Size bed attached to the kids' area.
 There was a bathroom for all of us to share and a kitchenette that we used for bfast and lunch stuff.
We went out to eat that first night at Chili's.  We ordered chips, salsa, and ranch.  It took them 80 seconds to devour the first order that was brought out.  Yes, I timed them.  I knew it would be fast!
 After a really good night's sleep for all of us, we woke up with a 5 year old in our family!!
Her Bday breakfast of powdered donuts
 I think she liked them
 Abby remembered to bring Laila's bday gift with her
 Super Mario Jammies.  Laila loves them!
 The cool thing about staying at Great Wolf Lodge is that even after you check out of your room, you still have use of the water park until 9:00 at night.  So, we decided to book a second night at a cheaper hotel a little bit past Kansas City.  Then, we could use the water park, but not have to pay the big bucks again.  It worked really well for us.

We headed out for a day at the water park.  I do believe that swimming is one of Laila's favorite things to do.  What better way to spend her bday?
 There was some bball playing,
 and wrestling
 Abby was amazing on this thing.  
 She would just fly across like she was walking down the road.  
 I tried it a few times, and let's just say, it was not pretty.  I am sure I gave the people of Great Wolf Lodge a visual that will not leave their minds very soon.  41-year old women of my stature and build should not be attempting this.
LOVE this pic!
 There was so much to do.  
This play structure had several slide and really fun areas to explore
 In addition to these 2 slides, they had another one that was almost entirely outside of the building
 There was a smaller play structure with some little kid slides.  
They also had 2 big hot tubs

 Don't forget the lazy river.
 On top of all of that, there is an outdoor pool
 I love pictures of my kids laughing

 Trying to stop the water spraying up from the floor
 Snack time
 My little school of fish
 For Laila's bday dinner, we had Chick-fil-a, her favorite
 I scream for Ice Dream!
 We finished off the night in the arcade
 Look who's driving
 Love the way these two interact
 Rick and Cody had a little friendly competition going on with this game. 
 Air hockey
 Cody won this for Laila.  He also won a wolf for her.
 Cody ended the night with the high score
 Boys and their toys
 My little pack of wolves
 The Birthday Girl!!
 Lauren is terrified of bears so I insisted that we get a picture with one!
 My sleeping buddy for the night in her new jammies
 The girls' room
 (I don't have any pics of the boys room.  I tried to go in there as little as possible)
It is hard work being 5 years old!
 Once we returned home, we celebrated with cotton candy cupcakes
 Make a Wish!
 I hope all your wishes come true, sweet girl!
 Thumbs up for a Great Birthday!
Where in the world did my baby go?  You have gone from a 9 month old little grumpy muffin to a vibrant, beautiful, loving, gentle, full of life little lady.  You are an inch taller than your brother even though he is 18 months older than you.  You still love to dance and have moves that I couldn't even dream up.  I am excited to see you start Kindergarten this year.  You are going to do great!!  Everyone who meets you is mesmerized by your beauty and sweet spirit.  I feel like the most blessed mom in the world to have you in my life each day.  You are so giving of your hugs and kisses.  One of my favorite parts of the day with you is when we sing your "Kisses and Hugs" song when I tuck you in.  You have overcome a lot in your short little life.  You are strong.  You are tough.  You are mine!  Love you, my Laily Baby!

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