Sunday, May 5, 2013

Still Waiting

**After I wrote this post, I realized how boring it is.  Not that all of my posts are so engaging.  The reason I wrote it is because it gives a glimpse into my life and how it relates to technology.  I suspect someday, we will look back, read it, and laugh at the technology because we have advanced so much.  I think about the technology we had when I was a kid and I am so amazed at how much we have advanced over the last 30 years!**

Well, my computer is still not completely restored.  I am typing on Rick's computer right now.

It was confirmed that the hard drive did crash.  Rick took it in to Apple to get it fixed.  At this point, we did have not had to pay anything because we had a smaller hard drive from when we purchased the computer that they installed for us.  He is in the process of downloading all the info from our external hard drive.  It appears to be working fairly well.  My fingers are still crossed about some things.  

I really miss my computer in so many ways.

There is nothing like having something taken away that brings about the awareness of how much you depend on it.

Here are some things that I have missed:

~Emails.  Easy access to reading and sending emails.  I can use my phone, but it is so cumbersome to write emails on it.  If you are awaiting a reply from me about something, this may be why you haven't heard from me.

~Blogs.  I have this neat little blog list I can click on to read the blogs that I keep up with.  It is so quick and easy.  I don't even have to remember the blog addresses.  As a result, I am really behind, and I hate that.  I miss keeping up with my "blog friends."

~Facebook.  I communicate with a lot of people through fb.  Once again, it is so cumbersome to type out messages on my phone.  If I have missed your Birthday, I am so sorry.  Happy Birthday.  Oh, that is another thing.  No matter how many times I put someone's bday in my phone and choose for it to repeat every year, it does not repeat it.  I am missing many bdays this year because of that!

~Pinterest.  I didn't realize how much I have come to depend on Pinterest for things.  I especially have a lot of my recipes on there.  I just pull them up on my laptop, set it on my island, and cook away.  That has been much more complicated using the app on my tiny phone screen to read recipes.

~Groupon, Living Social, etc.  I love getting deals through these websites.

~Websites.  I did not realize how much I use my computer as a resource when I have questions and need an answer.  I also look up the weekly grocery ads on my computer.  I reserve books at the library. I keep up with the kids' grades and classroom news.  I handle all of our health insurance business online.  I order a lot of things online. Way more than I realized.  The list goes on and on.

~Documents.  I have created several documents over the years of processes that help me run our house more smoothly.  They include our chore system, family traditions, meal list, etc.  I have not been able to pull any of those up over the last week.

~Kids' school work.  The older my kids get, the more they need the computer for their homework.  Cody, Lauren and Abby are the main ones right now.  They have missed my computer, too!

~Photos.  This is the one I have been most concerned about.  So far, Rick has been able to recover all of my photos up to August of last year.  He has not been able to recover any since then.  I feel a little sick at my stomach every time I think about it.  I am praying desperately that he will figure this one out. Not having access to photos or a place to download them has made blogging more complicated.

Hopefully, I will be back up and running this week.  Until then, please keep in touch with me!!

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