Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From Art Work to Volcanoes

I am taking a deep breath right now.  I just spent an hour downloading pictures onto my computer from our cameras.  I had to download them, split them into events and label them all over again.  I am still not finished.  This whole computer crashing thing is taking time that I don't have to give right now.  It has to be done.  Knowing it is all unorganized just drives me crazy.  Making some progress on it feels good.  

The four middle kids had an art show at their school recently.  We didn't actually make it to the show because of several other things going on.  I had to make cookies and lemonade for them that night to make up for what they missed getting at the art show.  I think the lemonade and cookies were the only reason they really wanted to go in the first place.  The next day, I was able to go to the school and take pictures of their work in the show.  The really funny part is that they are usually surprised by what piece is chosen for the show.  They are told to pick their top 3 favorites and even then the work that is put in the show is not usually one of those three.  

Sam's piece.  He promises he did not pick this.  

 Abby's piece(Easy to find)

 Isaiah's piece
 I could not find Lauren's anywhere.  We decided hers must have been the lion that she sculpted that her art teacher said, "Lauren, that is a great rat!" about.  We joke about that a lot.  It really did look like a lion, not a rat.

We have had children in school for 9 years now and have just now done our first homemade volcano.  Abby chose that as her science project.  Here is the actual experiment:

 This was the display she created for her presentation

 This boy came to me with these flowers.  Melt. My. Heart.
I just think he is the cutest thing ever.
Some girl is going to get a good husband in him some day!
Abby was pretty upset that he chose to pick the whole plant up out of the ground since she had been growing these flowers.  Now, there is just a hole in the ground.  She didn't find it nearly as sweet as I did!

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