Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Monkeys Are Out!!

School is out!  
Summer is here!  
It is the most 
wonderful time of year!
I just wrote that poem all by myself.  This time of year inspires me!  I love the weather.  I love sleeping in!  I love my air conditioners.  I am Happy, Happy, Happy!

Speaking of Duck Dynasty, which, by the way, is our absolute favorite show to watch as a family, Sam's class went with that theme for their Field Day this year.  His teacher's name is Mrs. Durck.  
His field day attire:
I cannot even express how much of a blessing these two women were to Sam this year. 
He had such a great year, and I know it was because of these amazing teachers.  
I might have cried a little on the last day of school as they read letters of praise and appreciation to their class.  
We are going to miss having you as teachers Mrs. Durck and Mrs Brown!!
 Isaiah had a concert at school.
Look at him rockin' his way into the room.
 He did great and smiled the whole time!
 Afterwards, his class had an ice cream social.
 Laila graduated from preschool.
Ms. Marilyn was the perfect teacher for her.
 Ms. Cathy was her speech therapist
 Abby had a Spring Piano Recital

 Cody has a new "do."
 Just joking!  It is a wig!
Lauren's caption for this photo:
"My, how fast they are growing up!"
 Laila and I had a few afternoons to ourselves las week while the big kids were finishing up school. 
She asked, "Mommy, can you take me on a date to Subway?"
 I took Isaiah to Chick-fil-a for bfast on his last day of school.
He is now a 1st grader!!
 Lauren had a 6th grade banquet
 Doesn't she look so pretty?
Poor Rick, he is a bit tired!
This little chick has learned to ride a bike without training wheels.
She said, "I can't even believe myself!"
As you can see, it is hair week around here!

I came home from running errands to find this.  
I don't know why, but the sign just cracked me up!
 Abby has once again decorated our marker board.
We are very happy to welcome in Summer Break!!

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