Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

2 weeks ago was Mother's Day.  Yes, it has taken me two weeks to post about it.  I am still working on my photos trying to get everything organized from the "Crash of 2013" as I am now calling it.  

Mother's Day is really an important day to me.  It represents my calling.  I  always wanted to be a mom, and I devote every day to that role.  I treasure it.  I take it very seriously.  Some days I don't want to face it.  I think every calling is like that.  There are joys and fulfillment intertwined with challenges and struggles.  I appreciate that there is a day to acknowledge this calling on my life.  

I have struggled with expectations of Mother's Day over the years, longing for a day that is all about me where the kids miraculously love and cherish me and each other all day long.  Those expectations have led to many tears on many Mother's Days.  This year, I chose to approach it differently and it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world in how my day went.  For the week leading up to Mother's Day, I had an alert in my phone that reminded me each day, "Do not have expectations for Mother's Day!!"  Some may think this is silly, but honestly, it brought about the attitude in me that I needed to have.  

My Mother's Day Festivities actually began on the Thursday before with a Tea at Laila's school.  It was so sweet to have them serve us and honor us as moms.
The kids are making plates of goodie for us to bring to the table and serve to us.
She was supposed to make a yogurt parfait for me, but she decided it was actually for her.  Then, she took one bite of and didn't like it.  She said, "This is yours, Mommy."  I don't really like yogurt, especially plain yogurt so we just picked out the berries and chocolate chips and ate those together.
She even had a gift for me!
A picture of Laila and tote bag with her handprints

I woke up on Mother's Day morning and opened my door to streamers!
 I came downstairs to signs and decorations!
There was even some coffee brewing with a plethora of creamers to choose from!
All of this was done by the kids(mostly Abby).  Rick had to leave early to be at church for work.  They took ownership and made it special for me.

We went to church and came home, once again leaving Rick to finish his workday.  The girls created a "beach" for me to relax and then proceeded to do some singing and dancing.  It was fun.  It was hilarious.  I think we all enjoyed it!!
Laila's performance
Isaiah singing his wee little heart out!
There may have been other performances that I have pictures of that I had to promise not to share.  Do not fear, I have them saved and I will be able to relive those memories when looking back, just not on my blog!
My cozy beach chair
My Beach Snack
The rest of the day involved some gifts from the kids.  I received the coveted GINORMOUS cast iron skillet I had been wanting along with some handle covers to prevent injury(I am pretty accident prone)
I got lots of homemade cards, some homemade pottery, and the book that the kids write in every year for me.  I love looking back over the years at the things they have said and drawn for me.
I took an afternoon nap.  My absolute favorite afternoon activity!!
Our night ended with Chipotle/Panda Express so I did not have to cook!!
The reasons I celebrate this Day!!
My mom with all of her grandkids.  

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