Friday, May 17, 2013

I Wasn't Joking...

So, that last post was right.  The days have been crazy.

This is first time in the last week I have been able to sit down and actually gather my thoughts.

Even if I had the chance, my computer is still not completely restored.  Rick has been amazing at recovering almost everything.  So far, at no cost to us!!  I like the sound of that!  The only thing left is photos.

For some reason, it appears that all of the backups we have done since Aug. 2012 until now did not backup those photos.  So, I have a break in my photos.  Thankfully, we have been able to recover many from our phones and cameras where they are still saved.  I even remembered that I downloaded some to Shutterfly to do a calendar for my mom.  I think (fingers crossed) that even if he doesn't recover them all,  I will still have quite a few so that I don't feel like those months are lost.  It has been really frustrating.  You almost have to have multiple back ups completed to insure everything is not lost.

We are so close to a break.  We have a weekend ahead of a piano recital, basketball tournament, soccer tournament, an Elitches Trip for Lauren, Life Group, and a work retreat for Rick.  Once those are done, we enter the last stretch of school.  By Thursday, everyone will be done with school.  I am both and excited and terrified about that possibility all at the same time.

I have LOVED the warm weather we are experiencing!  I am so much happier when it is sunny and warm.  I even changed out our bedding yesterday to the summer stuff.  The only thing left is putting the air conditioners in the window, right Rick?  (Hint!  Hint!)

I have lots of pictures and events over the last few weeks to catch up on.  I captured this everyday occurrence the other day.  I just wanted to take a pic of Isaiah playing.  He loves to play with "guys"(action figures).
 Last week at school, Laila had Spirit Week.  Day one was Hat Day.  I forgot to take a picture.
Day Two was Super Hero Day
 Shooting her laser
 Day 3 was Pajama Day
On Day 4, they had a Mother's Day Tea.  I will share those pics in my Mother's Day post.  

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  1. I feel your pain...I lost 4 months if pics from 2012, it was rough.